Low Code Development Platform Document Writing Plan

We are planning on writing a bunch of documents for our low code development platform including but not limit to

Platform Design @xqliu @liaoyuan.shen

  • Overview of Platform Architecture @liaoyuan.shen
  • Core Components and their Responsibilities @liaoyuan.shen
  • Design Principles and Conventions
  • Data Models and Database Design
  • Security and Access Control Mechanisms

Platform @xqliu @liaoyuan.shen

  • Getting Started Guide
    • Installing and Setting up the Platform
    • Creating your First Application
  • Core Concepts
    • Understanding Domain Classes
    • Defining Forms and Fields
  • Stepwise Tutorials
    • Creating Domain Classes and Forms
    • Defining Actions (CRUD, Validations, Workflows)
    • Object Hooks
    • Form Hooks
    • Integrating with External Systems
    • Scheduling Tasks and Background Jobs
    • Building and Deploying Services
    • Advanced Topics (Scaling, Monitoring, etc.)

Solutions and Use Cases @July @liaoyuan.shen

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
    • Overview and Common Requirements
    • Designing MES with the Platform
    • Implementation Walkthrough
    • Showcasing Key Features
  • Legal Knowledge Management
    • Similar structure as MES
  • Legacy Data Migration
    • Data Extraction and Mapping Strategies
    • Handling Large Data Volumes
    • Migrating File Attachments/Binaries
  • Contract Management System (CMS)
    • Similar structure
    • Additional Areas: Template Management, Clause Analysis

Advanced Topics

  • Best Practices and Design Patterns
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Extending the Platform (Plugins, SDKs)
  • Deployment Options (Cloud, On-Premise)

Support @xqliu

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Seeking Help and Raising Issues

We definitely know that consistent, well-structured documentation will go a long way in helping our users and developers understand and adopt the platform.