Major new features of low code development platform version 0.28

1.	The ability to define domain models and conduct all development through the web interface.
2.	The ability to use the new plugin mechanism to import your existing code, services, etc., as plugin packages into customization.
3.	Customization code supports function library capabilities.
4.	JVM/HTTP-based Remote Function Call (RFC) functionality, supporting automatic service discovery.
5.	Support for importing seed data and customization as a zip package on the web interface.
6.	Support for vertical multi-step form (wizard) layouts.
7.	Support for automatic refresh of dynamic logic during development.

Here are some details and video demos.

  • End to end development on web UI:
  • Support to import all data in a zip file.
  • The dynamic plugin support that will be released in version 0.28 of the Pastoral Speech Low-Code Platform is out, and this plugin mainly addresses

    1. The issue of reusing existing code assets when migrating from traditional development modes to low-code modes.
    2. Introducing services with high-performance and persistent connection characteristics in low-code scenarios.
    3. For developers who are more accustomed to developing in IDEs rather than web interfaces, this is another option.

Version 0.28 development is lead by and mainly developed by @liaoyuan.shen and you can ask him any question regarding our platform.

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